Monday, August 11, 2008


On Saturday Shawn and I decided to brave the roads of Arizona once again with our wonderful son and head up to Payson to visit the Tonto Natural Bridge State Park. Unlike our last (horrific) road trip, this one was, well, fantastic! We had to much fun together.

J enjoying the ride - he chattered like this until he fell asleep, then once he woke up...more chattering! So much more fun than crying!

It's so moment on the drive up you're surrounded by thousands of saguaro cacti, the next...pine trees. It's like you're in another, cooler, state.

The waterfall @ the park.
Daddy and J by previously mentioned waterfall.
J and Mama by some rocks..

My favorite picture. (Yes he has a leash!)

J could have run through this field all day...if it wasn't for all those darn nasty HUGE red ants - OUCH.
Just some of the surrounding mountains.
Yes, the sky really is that blue. Amazing!
J on a bench at the gift shop.
Family picture time! Nice hair, mom!
That's better...
J loved running up and down this deck.
Dada and J.
After the park we stopped at the Main Street Grille, which is supposedly haunted. *cue spooky music* I am happy to report that I went to the bathroom by myself and did not see any ghosts. Phew!!
J coloring away and having a great time!
Yes, we sat 1pm. It was a brisk 87 degrees. Gorgeous!
Shawn's "monster burger" which was huge - notice the massive knife sticking out of it???
J ate his grilled cheese like a champ! (and some broccoli too - alright!)
This was taken 5 minutes from home - J was so done with his carseat. But, he bears the signs of a great trip - dirty, dirty feet, and scratches on his arms and legs from falling...repeatedly.
We'd do that trip again in a heartbeat! It was so much fun and Shawn and I talked about how 'someday' we'd own a second home in Payson that "me and the children" would be sent to during the summer while Shawn slaved away here in Phoenix and came up north for the weekends. That is, of course, if we're still living here when we can afford something like that. Still, sounds dreamy, huh?


Astraea said...

Grilled cheese goes much better with french fries!! :)

Jen said...

Man, road trips are so unpredictible with kids...glad it was a good one!

Mikele said...

I love to dream about stuff like that...

Shelly said...

That looks like an awesome trip!!! Hopefully that is a predictor of times to come when you go to MO!! We come home today!! See you soon!!

The Johnson Family said...

Ahh the leash...Otis has one and when we use it he tries to run away which causes him to fall over but the kid thinks it's hilarious!

Jennifer said...

I'm a little bit jealous of that trip. :) We are going up north for our 5 yr anni on Labor day weekend with the baby. Wish us luck.