Monday, October 8, 2007

We are crazy.

Why? Well, we decided to explore the Apache Trail (AZ 88) today with a teething 3 month old. We left at 9am and got home at 4pm. Jeremiah was crying...well, a lot of the time. It was a beautiful drive, and I really enjoyed it when J wasn't screaming his head off.

We stopped briefly at the 'Lost Dutchman' State Park, but didn't pay the $5 to get in because of a (not for long) sleeping baby. Here's a pic of the Superstition Mountains:

The first lake we saw was Canyon lake. It was very low and closed off to boating.

The drive had lots of 1-lane bridges. It reminded me of the road to Hana in Maui, only not as scary.

22 miles of the road was unpaved. It was really bumpy, like it had been paved and they just let it go. Jeremiah slept through most of it, thank goodness. I was in the backseat w/ the baby, so I missed some of the views, but what I did see was incredible! The drops off the side were really steep and scary. Shawn did a great job driving!

J and I on the side of the road somewhere:

Then we found Roosevelt lake (see the road, all dirt? FUN!)

Here we are at Roosevelt Dam (that's when the pavement came back, Thank goodness!)

And here's some bridge - this picture was taken from "Inspiration Point: Interpretive Spot" or something like that.

We were all happy to get home. Me especially. I don't know any mom that doesn't hate to hear her baby cry.


robyn said...

I'm sure J will love it someday, if he's anything like my boys. They love going 4-wheeling with Dad ;) But it's hard when they are this little...glad he slept through most of the bumpies!

Mikele said...

Well, here's some factoids.... The bridge is Roosevelt Lake Bridge - we used to go to Roosevelt most weekends growing up, since my grandparents had a "double wide" there. On one side of the dam is Roosevelt Lake and the other side is Apache Lake. Before they built the bridge, you could only take the really scary one lane path wayyyyy around it. It took forever. Glad you had fun... sorry about the screaming.