Wednesday, October 24, 2007


Today we hung out with our friends Mariann, Karson, Kim and Lily. We had fun! Jeremiah loves seeing everyone, he gets so sick of staring at mommy all day!

Plus Mariann let's J sleep in this swing that, well, I want to borrow for my next baby. Heck, I want one for myself!! Who wouldn't want to sleep in this thing?

And just a goofy pic of my boy. He's getting so big!

Also, please pray for our friends, Kim, Cory, Lily and Grandma. They are heading to Cali for a wedding this weekend. Pray they have a safe trip and don't encounter any problems or delays due to the fires.

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Our Family said...

Bumbo is recalling their seats!

(We aren't returning our, but no more putting the kids on the table or counter! Tre fell out when he was little!)