Friday, August 8, 2008


At Kim's house on Tuesday, there was a HUGE playgroup. Lots of kiddos running around, it was a blast. We were outside for a little bit - it was way too hot for the moms, the kids just did not care how sweaty they got.

Three kids in the wagon and Lily helping to push!

Bailey and J have such an...odd? relationship. They really love each other, I think.

This is J's foot - this morning he tried to follow Daddy out the big heavy door to the garage and somehow got a nice couple of gashes on the top of his foot. His first band-aid!

It rocked and rolled out here last night - according to the news, the winds were between 30-40MPH. I don't think so. We've lived here for almost 5 years and I have never heard, seen, or felt the wind that strong before. I had to run outside because our patio chairs were blowing around - and they're big and heavy, not flimsy chairs. The tree across the street fell down - I don't think it damaged the house, thank God.

Look at how these trees are leaning! Totally crazy.


The Johnson Family said...

Where's the 'cool' band-aids like Elmo or something? Time to invest in those buggers.
Crazy weather! I'm glad to hear you guys are ok.

Mikele said...

Those trees!

Poor Jeremiah!

Nichole, Jeff & Baby "peanut" said...

I agree w/ Jenny where are the cool band aids?

As for the wind, I am glad to hear nothing bad happend to your place and am personally shocked by these pictures.. How did you find a place in Arizonia with so much grass and green trees? I have been there several times and well... I haven't EVER seen this much green.. LOL