Wednesday, December 3, 2008

What a morning!!

Today started out great. J slept til 715am - that's good for him - we're working on pushing his bedtime back to 7pm and hoping he'll start sleeping in later, too. When I get up with him I usually turn on the radio and he likes to hang out in his crib while I get his clothes ready. Then we'll dance a little to the music and play before I change his diaper and get him into his clothes for the day. About 30 seconds into dancing, I remember that I have a doctors appointment in Ahwatukee at 810am. I should have been out of the house at that very second!! EEEK!!

So of course we rush, I drag J downstairs without his shirt, grab his morning milk and rush back upstairs, get dressed in a rush and try to remember to brush my teeth, put my contacts in, and do something with my crazy hair. Back downstairs to feed the dogs, let them out, put shoes on, pack a breakfast, get J's water, get myself water, put J's shirt on, and we were out the door by 730am. I don't know how that happened, but it did. THANK GOD.

We got to Shanna and Bailey's house (Shanna watches J while I'm at the doctors office) at 804am. I basically talked fast like a crazy person trying to explain my morning then ran out the door. I walked into the dr's office at 810am exactly. Phew!! Then I waited for the doctor for 20 minutes - surprise!!

Anyways, after this crazy morning was Bailey's 2nd birthday party. Yes, she's 2. Well, almost, she'll be 2 on Saturday. But I can't believe that little peanut is so big already!!

Before all the guests arrived. They were being cute and holding hands.

Attempts at a group pic before we loaded them up with cupcakes:


Yay!! Success!!


Cupcake trance???


Playing in the giraffe tent - lots of fun!!

Happy birthday, Miss Bailey!! Thanks for having us at your 'playgroup' party!!

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The Geryol Adventure said...

you sound like run run...check to see if you are run run....glad you made your appointment...