Tuesday, December 16, 2008

In case you were wondering...

that is what 10 dozen (give or take a few) 'cheesecake delight' cookies looks like. I baked them Friday night in a marathon of rolling, filling and baking. It was fun and totally worth it, because the next day I came home with tons off different cookies!! Of course, I can't say no to ANY exchanges so I'm doing one tomorrow and one Thursday, so tonight I'll be baking only 5 more dozen. (I'm doing oatmeal cranberry white chocolate though, yummy!!)

J saying "cheese"

J loves the camera, especially taking pictures. Sorry if my morning face scares you!

This outfit is adorable - it was Caleb's, our 4 yr old nephew's until it was passed down to J. The jeans are long so you roll them up to show the little pattern and the shirt matches. He looks like a little lumberjack!

J received just a couple presents from his Grandpa Dan and Grandma Karen in California. The other day he just picked one up and started ripping the paper off. Instead of stopping him I took pics so they could see him open one of their presents.

Finally, the child is really into climbing right now. While I was making dinner last night he completely cleaned out this cabinet (placed all the tupperware on the lazy boy) and climbed in. I didn't get a photo of him all the way in because he realized I had the camera and wanted to look at the pic.


Shelly said...

WOW you will have cookies to eat for months to come girl!! YUMMY!! J is climbing now! I hope Jayden was not a bad influence! LOL

Shannon said...

Too bad you're not up here in Wisconsin - J would fit in great with the lumberjack outfit, lol. I miss you!!

Jen said...

What the heck are you gonna do with all those cookies??

Nichole, Jeff & Audrey (aka Peanut) said...

Your tree is beautiful !!
And Wow has J gotten so big, its been awhile since I have been on your site (sorry been a bit busy) He is soo adorable :)

--You call that snow.. you should see what we have.. I know why you moved to AZ !! LOL