Sunday, December 21, 2008

The tree!!

It all started last Tuesday night when we went to get our tree. It was cold, dark and rainy...perfect Christmas weather! Not for me, of course, but Jeremiah loved being outside in the rain running through the rows of trees.

Brrr! But it doesn't seem to bother him.


A brief moment of rest.

Watching our tree get some branches sawed off the bottom.

Our tree!

In the door...

Yay! It's seriously one of the prettiest real trees I've seen. I didn't really want to even decorate it. And I'm not a fan of real trees. But this one may have changed my mind.

We did (or I did, I guess) decorate it, of course!

I'm trying to get a cute pic of J for thank you cards. Here's one that I won't be using. (Obviously very cute)

Another one I won't be using. He sure likes to have his picture taken, though!

A shopping center right by our house had 'snow' - a few tons of shaved ice dumped on the parking lot. Jeremiah likes to look at snow (he calls it 'ice') and so I thought it would be neat to see how he'd react. He was alright with it.

They also had a Santa there. I snapped a quick pic, he was really excited to see Santa...he even sort of says "Santa." He kept wanting to go back up to him.


Shannon said...

Your tree is very pretty! If you're cold down there, you'd be freezing your little but off up here, it's been really cold the last few days (like -30 with the windchill), and we just had a huge snowstorm on Thursday night/Friday. Brrrrrrr.

Jen said...

Your tree is beautiful! Just make sure the holder in one peice ;o)

Rizzi Blog said...

That first picture of J in the trees is amazing! Also, why not the second thank you pic? I love it!!! MERRY CHRISTMAS friend!

Mikele said...

Gorgeous tree! That Jeremiah is such a handsome dude.

Merry Christmas!

Shelly said...

What a great tree!! I think that it is just perfect! J is such a little cutie! Merry Christmas!!!