Friday, December 12, 2008

Meet "Mean"

Yesterday I get the mail and there is a package from my Dad. I open it to find a box with this little figureine in it. I check several times to see if there was a note explaining what it was and there wasn't. My first thought was..."What in the world??" That was quickly followed by a concern for my father's mental state. See, I'm not a fan of killer whales, when I was younger I always like dolphins and thought maybe he got confused. So I called him right away.

Dad: "Hello."
Me: "Dad, it's me. I got your....present?"
Dad: "Do you know what that is?"
Me: "No..." (trying to let him do the talking so I don't have to ask a weird question like...WHY DID YOU SEND ME THIS THING?)
Dad: "When you were little you had a stuffed killer whale that you took everywhere. You called it "Mean" because killer whales are mean. I was in the card store and saw this, it reminded me of you and how you have a baby now."
Me: ....(stunned silence)

My dad has a great memory so I'm not surprised he remembered but I don't recall this Mean killer whale at all! I love that he bought it and thought of J & I when he saw it. How sweet - it's a great memory to be able to share with our children.

And because I know you all will love these, here are a couple of pics of little Rachel:

Toddler Rach and Dad

I'd guess I was 3 or 4 in this pic?


Rizzi Blog said...

Oh my, J looks JUST like you!!! How sweet of your dad!

Shelly said...

Man parent surprise us sometimes! :) J looks just like you did!! What cute pictures!

momofal090500 said...

I really need to find our old pics! I for some reason kinda remember something about mean. Maybe you told me about it when we were younger! lol

Kim F said...

That is crazy how you looked exactly like J does now! And such a sweet story.

Andrea said...

Thanks, now I need a tissue, haha. Very sweet that your dad remembered that from so long ago :)
Have a great night!

Mikele said...

I know everyone has said it already, but man, he's your twin!