Saturday, December 1, 2007

Montana and Aubrey's Wedding

Today, we were blessed to have been witnesses at our friends Montana and Aubrey's wedding. It was probably the most beautiful and special wedding we've ever been to, and I'm sure we'll be talking about it for a long time. Thank you so much for letting us be a part of it, Mr. and Mrs. Fox.

The wedding was outside, and Kim sat next to me - she brought a blanket - thank goodness!

For the toast, it seemed everyone had trouble getting their bottles open...when Mark finally got ours open, the top landed (where else?) in my coffee. :-(

Shawn and I.

Shanna and Bailey - what a sweet girl - she made me miss my little guy!

The beautiful and happy couple:

I think this table was full of Aubrey's friends because they all had Montana take pictures of them together - if you can see there are like five cameras waiting for him!!

Then we did typical couple pictures outside - it got so beautiful once the sun went down.
Shawn and I:

Kim and Cory:

Sheli and Mark:

Then we did some not-so typical couple pictures:

Shanna loved having her picture taken...

Cutie Bailey, Shanna and Me.

In closing, I'd like to say, FIRST!! (to post that is)


mini and brother said...

You're so fast!!!!!!
I was so surprised to see all these picutres.
It was great to see you!

blogyn said...

You win ;) So fun to see you guys there and it was such a beautiful wedding!

Shelly said...

Hey!! Looks like you all had a ball!! It is nice to get out once and while with out little one sometime! ;)

Mrs. Spice said...

Okay, I was seriously searching all morning for pictures of their wedding and you were totally first! Great pictures! Love the couples shots.