Tuesday, December 18, 2007


So last night we're playing with Jeremiah on the floor, our usual after-dinner ritual when I glance at Shawn and notice something on the wall behind him. Lo and behold, a SCORPION is in our house! I said "Holy crap!!" and Shawn seriously jumped when he saw it. What followed was a comedy of errors to kill the thing. First Shawn tried to smush it on the wall with a box. That did not work, and the scorpion fell to the floor and started crawling around. Both of us were freaking out. We clear all the furniture away and find the thing, and Shawn tells me to find something to kill it with. I exclaim: "Use this huge book that's right here!!" So he drops this massive book on it from like 2 feet above it. This results in a dead scorpion.

Right after, I get some glasses out of my cupboard because, well, I heard that scorpions can't crawl up glass and I don't want one stinging my baby boy. So J's crib legs now rest in drinking glasses.



Jenny said...

AHHHHHH is an understatment! How scary!

Our Family said...

Spray them with hairspray. Then they can't move and you can smash it!

Shelly said...

YEAH I know the feeling! I have had 3 in the house!!!