Saturday, December 29, 2007

Happy 1st birthday, Karson!

Today we had a fun time at our friend Karson's birthday party. For some reason, I got pics of Lily and Jeremiah, but none of Karson. I think it was because he was very busy at his party! :-)

Jeremiah and Daddy:

Lily eating - there's Karson in the background!

J standing - he really likes to 'bounce' lately - bending his knees and bouncing himself up and down.

Jeremiah totally dug this pizza elmo. He was laughing so hard at it.

And another pic of J and Daddy:

J and Mama:

Lily in the tunnel (so cute!)

J chillin in the tunnel:

The amazing cake! Mariann's stepfather, Joseph, is a pastry chef. Isn't it beautiful?

Happy birthday, Karson! Thanks for having us at your party.

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robyn said...

That cake is incredible! Looks like a fun party :)