Thursday, December 27, 2007

Happy half birthday, J!

I can't believe it's been six months already - there were times when it felt like the days were taking forever...but suddenly it's six months later! Amazing.

He had his 6 month check up today. He's 15lbs, 7.5oz, 26.75" long. 25th percentile for height and 75th percentile for height. During the exam the doctor looked at him doing his 'crunches' and said: "He's pretty active, isn't he." I replied in the affirmative, and then she said: "I don't think he'll ever be a chubby baby." Yeah. Probably not. The child never stops moving unless he's sleeping. He's a whirlwind.

Happy half birthday, baby boy! We love you!!

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TCAW said...

Wow- looks like Christmas was a busy time for the Rolands. Looks like you had fun though.
Can't believe J's already 6 months old. He's so darling! HOpe all is well. We miss you.
We'll have to have you down to the house soon. Love to you all