Saturday, December 15, 2007

Congrats Shawn!

Today we threw a graduation party for Shawn. He finished his Bachelor's degree in the beginning of this month, and we just had some family over to celebrate. Of course, because he's the Grillmaster, he grilled all the food. We loved it.

Noah and Jake were here, and took Caleb under their wing - they had so much fun in this jumpy thing.

Jeremiah enjoyed it, too.

Noah was of course his usual hammy self, and Jake posed for me, too!

Jeremiah loved looking at the balloons and the tablecloth.

The boys loved the dogs...

And Jeremiah loved playing with Auntie Cher's face.

More pics of the guests:
Mick and Bill

Shawn and Ronnie

Anita and Caleb

Noah and Bill

Kris and....who's that?!? President Bush??

Why would you punch him, Kris??

Or you, Noah??

Shawn wanted a pic of all the 'moms,' and J of course:

Then J and I played on the floor...with the Prez watching over us.

And J playing with a balloon.

We had such a great day, Congratulations, Shawn!!

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blogyn said...

Congrats! So nice of the President to attend ;)