Thursday, February 1, 2007


I went shopping yesterday for myself (maternity clothes) but, as always, ended up in the baby section. I ended up there a lot before I was pregnant, but even more so now! I caved and bought the baby some cute little pj's that have a plane on them and say "Born to fly." Shawn, of course, loved it. They seem so big! I can't believe that as soon as June there could be a baby in there.

Of course, for some reason when I'm in the baby section, I start crying. I think it's because I'm overwhelmed that this is really happening, that this baby will be here in a few months. I feel so blessed to be carrying this child, that God has chosen Shawn and I to be parents to this little life. It can feel so tremendous - the responsibility, the immense pressure to be a 'good mom,' but I think that the blessings we receive from parenting a child completely trump those things. There are times when I'm scared - the whole, "I can't believe I'm going to be a mom!" is a little freaky, even as I start to get more and more used to the idea of it. But mostly I'm in awe of the life growing inside of me, that God created and knit together long before I even knew about him. God is so amazing and awesome!

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