Monday, February 12, 2007

Daddy and Son...

Last night, we were going to use the bebe sounds monitor thingy that Lori let us borrow (thank you!) Since I've started to feel G kick, I've noticed when we bust that monitor out, he'll kick right on the doppler, which kind of makes it freak out. So, again, as soon as we start listening - BAM - he kicks the doppler thingy, and we stop using it so Shawn can feel the kicks instead of listen to them.

I thought it would be cute if Shawn 'talked' to G - put his mouth down by my belly and spoke. Shawn sang instead, which seemed to wake G up even more! Shawn got kicked in the cheek and the ear - I don't know if G wanted an encore or more sleep. But when Shawn started singing again, G stopped kicking, so I'm thinking he enjoys it. It was so cute!

Coming soon...a progression of my belly! I know that blogs are boring w/o pics, so some are coming soon, I promise. Here's one to keep you busy for the time being: G's first ultrasound, and the first pic we got of his adorable little face! (basically eyes and a forehead)

Click it to make it bigger!

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