Tuesday, February 6, 2007

In Memory...

I know this blog is all about the new baby we'll be having in July, but this baby wouldn't be here if there hadn't been another one before him. One year ago today, we lost our first child at 10 weeks due to miscarriage. We thought it was a boy, named him Nicholas Christopher, so today I just wanted to write a little to honor his memory.

I didn't realize how much I wanted children, especially him, until I lost him. It was so hard, and for those ladies who've been through it, you know what I mean. Today, looking back at that dark time, I could be sad and depressed. I wanted to take time off work, but decided against it. I just want to celebrate that little life that God blessed us with for 10 weeks. Maybe being pregnant with G makes it easier, but I think I would be feeling the same way no matter what. The Lord brought me through a very difficult time when I lost Nicholas, and it drew me closer to Him than I knew was possible.

When I think about it, Shawn and I are truly blessed - we have an angel in Heaven to look over our new baby boy...a 'big brother' if you will.

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Mikele said...

Thanks for sharing, Rachel. Hope you have an encouraging day...and that Gordon kicks you a lot.