Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Question for my mommy friends...

Okay, are the following things NECESSARY?? I'm serious~check these out and tell me what you think:

Bottle sterilizer thingy
Stroller Netting
Stroller rain cover
Burp clothes (can't I just use towels or blankets?)
Humidifier (seriously, I use one sometimes, do you think G will need one too?)
Wipes warmer (why?)
Nursing stool ?? (I have an glider/ottoman combo already - Thank you Tracie!!)

I don't know if it's just hitting me that we're having this baby (yay!!) but I was all over last night updating this registry. These are things that I'm not sure are necessary...but they're listed on BRU's "new parents" checklist. I think I'm suffering from the first-time-mom-must-be-prepared syndrome. Help!!


Rachel said...

PS Thanks in advance! LOL.

Mikele said...

Keep in mind, this is only my opinion:
Bottle sterilizer: no, just put them in the dishwasher
Stroller netting: never seen one used. ever.
Rain cover: ummmm, we're in Arizona
Burp cloths: yep, cloth diapers also work great because they are thick.
Humidifier: yep, i run mine all the time
Wipes warmer: personal choice, but not worth it at my house
What the heck is a nursing stool? I'm totally picturing it! ha!

Hope that helps!

robyn said...

Hey Rachel! Mikele's got it right. Go with the cloth diapers for sure as burp cloths. You will need them...maybe not a million of them, but good to have a few on hand. And pretty much any pediatrician worth his/her salt will end out recommending a humidifier when your kiddo gets sick so it's a good thing to have. The rest of the stuff is sort of silly and all part of the marketing ploy that surrounds New Babies and Weddings and things like that ;)