Monday, August 29, 2011

What I'll remember most...

Sarah, who got filthy at every opportunity possible. 
(Sand on her face on the Oregon Coast)

Shoulder rides from Daddy (and Mommy, too)

Those faces...just look at how happy they are.

Freshly picked carrots from the garden for breakfast, lunch, snacks...

Their laughter that rang out through the park
when the tire was spun.

Her nose turning yellow from smelling the flowers.

The butterfly that adored people... went on to land on the girls head in the background...
..then me, then Anita!

Sarah's horse: Pumpkin
Jeremiah's horse: Spice
Caleb's horse: Plum

This little bee just had to have his photo taken here.

My little boy growing up and getting so strong!

Mastering the 'tightrope'

These two sitting so rapt and attentive while watching
a violinist and cellist play at the Redmond Farmer's Market

Attacking Papa with the hose

And all too soon...

the sad goodbyes...

Washington is a very special, beautiful place.  I love visiting and I dread coming home and always end up in a funk for awhile afterwards.  It was even harder leaving because we were able to spend so much time with our nephew, Caleb.   It was a special, sweet, beautiful trip.  

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