Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Latest...

Seriously, how cute are they!?!?  Man, I love these kids and I'm loving how much fun they are as they grow.  I haven't really updated on them in awhile, so here goes!

Jeremiah:  4 years and 3 months-ish.  So.  The attitude has kicked in full force with him.  See that face he's making?  Yeah, well, imagine seeing that face 10000 or so times a day, along with crossed arms, stomping feet, and the words "NO!" being yelled at you.  That's kinda sort of what I'm dealing with right now.  Don't get me wrong, he can still be the sweetest, most amazing little boy...but if he doesn't like what you tell him to do, he isn't shy about letting you know! 

He's doing fantastic at preschool.  Every day he comes home with a good report from the teacher - he's the first to help clean up, the first to listen, and is very obedient.  They really seem to like him.  He's becoming less shy, too - the other day he stood in front of his class and talked about fire safety.  It was so surprising (I avoid speaking in front of groups like the plague!)

He also started Cubbies again and was so happy to be back.  We're also back at Mops, so he's loving seeing all his friends again. 

He can spell his first and last name out loud, but he can't write it.  He knows all his letters (upper and lower case) and we're working on days of the week/months of the year.  He loves his calendar - when he gets home from school with a sticker (almost every day) he puts it on that date on the calendar.  

He's obsessed with hopping on one foot.  That's his preferred mode of moving right now.  It's funny but also SO. SLOW!

He's still small - I think 40.5" and 34lbs.  He's grown 1/2" since his birthday, which is pretty impressive! Still skinny, though. 

Sarah: 2 1/2 years!  (WHAT??)  She's also something else.  She's talking SO MUCH.  A lot of it is toddler-speak still, but she's getting clearer and clearer by the day.  She uses 3-5 word sentences and as her vocabulary grows, her tantrums are lessening.  That doesn't mean she won't have them, they're just less often!  She still likes getting what she wants right now, of course.  She's also very 'into' babies, dolls, etc.  She likes to put her dolls 'to fweep' (sleep) and cover them with a blanket, give them kisses, and then leave them for a moment.  She also carries her animals or dolls like babies.  It's really sweet and adorable!

She is in Puggles, which is the 2 year old version of Cubbies.  She really likes it so far, and I hope she continues to enjoy it.  I know they talk about Jesus, that's about all I can get out of her. 

She loves dancing, singing, and music, so I'm searching for a fun class to take with her while J's at school.  I found some classes in Chandler, which is a drive but I think will be worth it.  I also forget that she's not three yet, I don't know why...she just seems so much older than Jeremiah did at 2 1/2.    She's starting to fight her naps, which I'm not thrilled about, but with the cooler weather coming, it opens up a lot of fun possibilities!

Sarah continues to grow like a weed.  She's grown 2" since her birthday - now is 38.5" tall and 37lbs. 

I get asked a lot if the kids are twins, because they're so similar in size and now that Sarah's talking more they could be, I suppose.  It's funny - she still looks so baby-faced to me and Jeremiah looks so big, but I guess that's just a Mom's perspective :)

So that's about it in the Roland house!  

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Pam said...

Love your updates Rachel. The kids are growing up so fast. I'll have to tell Zoe about Cubbies for Yuri and when Sophia turns 2, maybe something like Puggles?? You always have your kids into so many fun things. Poor Zoe needs a break and I know the kids need one from her too :) Did you know she's expecting again the end of March? We're very excited, and they planned on having 3. So no surprises here. I have a couple blogs too. If you would like, I can add you to my email list. Love you lots, Pam