Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Dza Dza!

My Dad came to visit last week and we had a fun time!  Unfortunately, one or more of us (not my Dad, thankfully) were sick during the whole visit.  BUMMER!  But I did manage to get some fun photos of our adventures. 

We can go outside!  In the afternoon!  YAY!

We always have donuts when Dza Dza comes to visit.  This little
princess enjoyed her pink sprinkles donut in her lovely dress.

We also always visit the Farm at South Mountain for breakfast!

The kids loved chasing Dza Dza around!

We went to the 'old mall' and of course the kids got to ride some of the rides.

I found those sunglasses at the Disney store for .99! 
She wore them throughout the mall....what a diva!

We stopped for snowcones!

And of course, the train park.  Sarah rode in the 'cattle car' for the first time.
And she didn't freak out!

And we went to Chuck E Cheese.
On Saturday evening. 
Yes, we are crazy.

The kids won a bunch of tickets and of course, junk.

We also visited our favorite, Scooptacular, EVERY DAY. 
My Dad loves ice cream!

We loved the visit!  Thanks for coming to see us!  

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Emily said...

Such fun memories for them to look back on!