Friday, August 19, 2011

We're in Washington!!

It's a beautiful, cool, cloudy morning here in Washington.  We're preparing to take a weekend trip to visit Shawn's Grandpa on the Oregon coast....we got in late last night so the kids went to bed late.  

Jeremiah and his cousin Caleb shared a room, and slept pretty good.  Sarah, my tired baby, is still sleeping at 7am (late for her, but she was in bed at 10pm). 

No photos so far, it's been a crazy 12 hours (we landed at 720pm last night)...but stay tuned for lots of photos and recaps from our adventures. 

NOT only are we going to the coast today, but we'll be stopping by Brittany's house in Portland - she moved here in March and I can't wait to see her (and the kids, of course.)   We'll be able to hang out and let the kids run around for a little while before continuing our journey. 

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