Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Trip to Washington so far...

Our seasoned travelers ready to go...

We got to Washington Thursday night, went to bed and left straight away in the morning for the Oregon coast. 

Bonus!  We got to see Brittany and the family in Portland. 

The kids loved hanging out again. 

next stop - Neskowin, Oregon!

It was chilly in the morning so Shawn built us a fire.

Then we climbed that huge sand dune you see in the background.  Oregon people are crazy - seriously this thing was so big.

Taking a rest.  I needed it!

Shawn stayed at the bottom with Sarah and took this photo of Anita, Jeremiah, me and Caleb.  This is almost the top, but I couldn't climb anymore. 

We stayed with Shawn's Grandpa Ralph and Miss Margaret - they were incredibly generous and lovely to stay with!

Then...back home and Brittany again!!  YAY!  (Thank you guys, we love you!!)

The kids got right in the dirt to help Papa pick potatoes. 

To the park!  They were having so much fun and laughing so hard. 

Funny tree.  :)


snapdragon said...

It looks heavenly. I'm glad you are having such a great time!

Kim F said...

you got to see Britt TWICE?!?! and i can't believe the sweatshirts and jeans you all are wearing. must be such a nice change from here.

Brittany said...

We love you guys too!! It was so amazing to see old friends. We definitely miss our Phoenix crew!