Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Our weekend

It was just beautiful here this past weekend!!

On Saturday morning we headed to the zoo. The tiger was being a little scary - lots of loud roaring, then he (she?) jumped probably 10 feet straight up into a tree, then sat there and stared at everyone staring at him. Tigers make me we got out of there.

J was not afraid.

Hey, J, what is that? (he's doing the sign for 'elephant')

We left the zoo at the perfect time - 1130am - by then the parking lot was full and they were using overflow parking. It was crazy!!

Monday, Shawn had off for Columbus day, so we headed up to the Mogollon Rim to find some fall colors. We saw a little bit but not tons - and we didn't stay outside very long - it was frigid!!!! Brrrr.

We stopped at Woods Canyon Lake first to stretch our legs. It was very cold, so we didn't stay long.

"We're freezing!!"

J is happy if he can carry rocks around.


Look, some leaves!!

Some shots from the edge of the rim...

And for a little treat, J enjoying a bagel with cream cheese.


The Johnson Family said...

Frigid huh...what was it like 80 degrees out? J/K

J looks so grown up in the rock picture.

Shannon said...

You should see the leaves up here now, it's so pretty everywhere!

Rangels said...

That Tiger looked like it was right on top of you guys....That's crazy.

Jenny said...

Lucky you! I've never seen the tiger do anything except sleep like a lazy bum.