Wednesday, October 29, 2008


They say you start to show earlier with your second child, but my goodness!! Yikes, I need to lay off the ice cream I think.

Yesterday was a very big day..."Before"

"After" - I know it's not much but I cut his 'bangs' or whatever you want to call them. Suddenly, after not bothering me for months, they were driving me crazy. The rest of his hair can wait though.

There was a little pre-halloween party at playgroup yesterday, too. Here are monkey Bailey and ballerina Lily showing some love.

And J needed a little love, too.

We don't really 'do' Halloween, so for J's costume I just found this little outfit in his closet. Put it on and suddenly he's Dada for the day. (Except Shawn does tend to wear shoes to work.)

"Hey - you!! Back to work!!"


Kim F said...

Ok that picture of you and your belly is hilarious!
J is a handsome little man.

Rizzi Blog said...

Oh, you look GREAT!!! I love J's costume. So cute!

Astraea said...

Your belly looks huge! hahaha

I tended to grow in other areas because of all the Rocky Road ice cream!

Rachel said...

Ladies, it's a bowl. I don't even look pregnant really. Like the expression on my face?

The Geryol Adventure said...

I was like what the heck her stomach is shaped wierd!