Sunday, October 26, 2008

I love my husband!!

This morning, Shawn came downstairs and told me he was heading to the store. He wanted to make breakfast, and took J with him.

At 7am, I received this picture on my cell phone:

(FYI I've never let him ride in one of those...too worried about him escaping!)

When the guys returned home, they brought beautiful flowers and a PSL from Starbucks. Definitely the start to a sweet day!! Shawn declared that it was "Mother's Day" and made us all breakfast with pancakes, bacon, sausage and orange juice. It was so great!

After church and once J went down for his nap, I headed over to Fry's where I spent $17.50 on $61 worth of groceries. I was thrilled - I was expecting to save a lot but not quite that much!!

Oh...another reason I love my husband - he climbs onto our roof to take these pics:

Those are our new solar panels. It will be about a month before they are up and running, but Shawn said when they tested them out, our electric meter was spinning backwards - neat! If anyone decides they want to find out more information, check out Solar City and if you decide to go for it, don't forget who referred you. :-)

J will be 16 months tomorrow and I cannot believe it some days. I don't know when he got so tall or so much like a little boy and not like a baby anymore. Lately he likes to wear his hat while he's eating. Silly dude.

He also likes to be a big boy - check out the slide at Tumbleweed park. (we were out that way because he was getting a flu shot on Saturday)

He is also very funny, has two different laughs (one for when you tickle him and one when he finds something funny), likes almost all food (except for mashed potatoes and yellow squash), already is kissing my belly when I say "give the baby a kiss." I'm excited to see what a great big brother he will be to Baby B (aka Sweet Pea).

PS: She has a name. But we're not'll have to wait til she's born. That way we can wait til the very last second to change our minds if need be. :-)


Jen said...

What a sweet hubby you have!

Rizzi Blog said...

I'm so sorry I haven't posted sooner. Crazy life, ya know? Anyway, it sounds like you have a great hubby there. J is, as always, so stinking cute and CONGRATULATIONS on the baby girl. I'm so excited for you and I cannot wait to find out her name! Thanks for all your support with everything! Michelle

The Johnson Family said...

Could Shawn give my hubby some 'hubby lessons'?
It's amazing how little ones can relate when you tell them about the baby in your belly. Rea was only 9 months old and she knew were Momma's baby was.

Kim F said...

Way to go Shawn! Lots of points for you. =)
I love that J kisses your belly.