Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Splash pad fun!!

Now that Jeremiah's walking, we went to the splash pad with our friends Shanna, Bailey, Kim and Lily. Here we are eating lunch:

J and B. So cute - they're almost the same size!

And after being terrified (and hungry I think) J enjoyed the elephant - he didn't like the water (well he did enjoy the stuff pooled on the ground) but as long as he wasn't splashed, he was happy.

And...I guess he figured out where to get money already. Yikes.


Jenny said...

I just can't believe he is walking already. Good for him!

Shelly said...

AWWHHH SO he found the wallet! now he just needs to know what to do with the credit cards and he is all set!
Where is this splash pad? It looks cool!

Carrie said...

He's a fast learner! J How goes straight to my purse for "yum yums!" Crazy how fast they pick up on that stuff :)