Sunday, April 27, 2008

Happy 10 month birthday, Jeremiah!

Here are a few fun pics from today. In the last month he has changed so drastically, I can't believe it. He's walking all over now. :-(

Eating dinner:

Daddy and J enjoying the beautiful Phoenix weather

Mama and J by the fountain

Having some fun


Andrea said...

Happy 10 month b-day Jeremiah!!!

Nichole, Jeff & Baby "peanut" said...

So how much does Mr. Jeremiah weight this days. We can tell he is getting bigger but how big is he?

Rachel said...

He's probably around 18lbs. at his 9 month appt he was 17lbs 10oz...but now that he's walking I think it'll be harder to put weight on him.

Nichole, Jeff & Baby "peanut" said...

Wow .. that is just amazing how fast he is growing, where did the baby go? He is growing up so fast... I can't believe it.

Jen said...

Love the action shot!