Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Bubbie and Ken are gone :(

They left yesterday. Their flight was supposed to leave at 330pm, but then got bumped back to 10pm! They were able to get onto another flight to Seattle, though, so they left about 8pm. Yikes, all those hours in the airport - no thanks!
Here are a few pics.

Avacado and tomatoes - oh my!

A little computer/diaper time.

After he woke up from a nap he was laying on my chest. Shawn was slow with the camera so this is me 'forcing' J to lay his head on my chest. He really wasn't pleased. :(

Playing with Ken's raquet.

Hanging at the resturant at lunch on Monday with Bubbie.

Before Bubbie and Ken went to the airport, we had lunch at MBFGR. Great food and they're cheaper than fast food! J loved this balloon, and he also like the hummus, pita, lamb and tzatziki sauce. He is such an adventurous eater!


Andrea said...

How fun! I want to try that restraunt sometime sounds yummy!

Mrs. Spice said...

Wow..he is an International eater already! I love the forced cuddle....I still have to do that every once in a while! :-)