Sunday, May 6, 2007

Cancun - Last Days

Okay, so days 6, 7 and 8 were spent pretty much doing nothing. Lots of beach time..

Thursday was beautiful...the water was calm but I was too sunburnt to really play in the water. Such a bummer. Shawn got some cool shots, though:

Friday was another beautiful day..

The beach was calm again...but unfortunately, jellyfish had been spotted in the area, so we were told not to go into the water. GRRR!! There were people in the water but Shawn wouldn't let me go in too far. Friday night we went to "El Conquistador" at another Royal Resort for a 'fancy' dinner. It was nice, and not that expensive. We had a ceasar salad made tableside, Shawn had "Steak Diane" also made tableside and I had a huge 16 oz ribeye steak. Then, of course, we had to have dessert - I had bananas flambe and Shawn had a carmel apple pie. Everything was fantastic and the tableside cooking reminded me how much I love to cook!

Here's sunset Friday night..

Saturday morning - the day we left! :-(

We were blessed to be upgraded to first class was funny because we got to check in early to board, and instead of getting right onto the plane, we got onto a bus. There were only like 10 seats on the bus and the rest was standing room only, so Shawn gave up his seat to a lady holding a 2 yr old boy. He was so cute - he kept pointing at everything calling it either a helicopter or a bus. The bus took us to our plane, where we boarded..

Then we had an uneventful flight home! It was a perfect trip!!

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