Tuesday, May 29, 2007

The nursery - a work in progress!

Here are some pics of the nursery so far. If you saw what it looked like before (when it was our office crammed full of bookcases, a desk and a couch) you'd be impressed. Shawn painted, we got the idea from a model home we looked at. The furniture clearly needs to be put together and organized, but we're missing parts for the crib...so until then, we wait. Yes, that is a crib mattress on top of a changing table. I didn't put it there, so don't ask me! I'll post more pics when we actually get closer to completion of this project!

This is the view from the door. See all the wonderful presents people blessed us with? We are so thankful!

Here is the view from the corner of the room. See the mattress? And Prince? We're training the dogs to stay out of the baby's room. They are sad but understand that they're no longer allowed in there. The white thing next to the vacuum? That's the bassinet - the fabric parts are being washed right now by yours truly, just in case I go into labor early!

I have a question for all you lurkers out there who never comment - do you think the middle color is gray or green? There is a disagreement in our home and I need some voting to help us decide what color it is. I won't reveal the name of the paint color, it would only cause you to have a biased opinion!


Shannon said...

Well, from the picture it sure does look green to me. Although it might look different if I were actually in the room looking at it.

blogyn said...

Taupe. Or Khaki. I can't decide.

agentn said...

The color is definitely GREY (or GRAY). The grey looks like it is from the same color family. It looks great, good job on the taping/striping Shawn.

Our Family said...

It looks gray. (I'm a friend of Mikele's.)