Thursday, May 31, 2007

The nursery - getting closer!

I feel kind of like I've lost my mind - between making Shawn move our bed and vacuum under it and obsessively arranging the nursery, I think I'm starting to get ready for this baby to come. Here are some pics of the nursery after a couple days of work. Shawn put the crib together last night, and we've been cleaning ever since, it seems like!

The crib - the bedding is called 'baby aviator' and it's adorable!

The changing table and hamper. Yes, that is Pooh in the Bumbo chair - and he's wearing a diaper! LOL

My wonderful husband, who is clearly exhausted from working full time, going to school full time, leading the men's ministry AND catering to my every insane need during this pregnancy...and the closet full of stuff that I don't have a place for yet.

More stuff that I have nowhere for yet - or stuff that will eventually be on the dresser that is going in this area. And, of course, no picture would be complete without a box full of garbage.

1 comment:

Mikele said...

Just you guys wait! Soon, you'll have TOYS everywhere that you don't have room for.

Oh, and also - Exhausted is coming and he will swallow you whole.