Saturday, April 28, 2007

Cancun - Day 5 (Wednesday)

Good morning!!

On this beautiful Wednesday we actually did something other than lay on the beach or go to the pool - we took a trip to Isla Mujeres - a beautiful island off of Cancun. We actually went to a park called "Garrafon" and enjoyed relaxing there. We went snorkling first thing, and couldn't really see much. Both of us thought that the hurricane may have messed with the ocean floor, moving a lot of the reef that had been down there. But I still enjoyed myself-I love snorkling!

After snorkling we relaxed!

This is what you can see of Cancun:

As you can see, it was a beautiful clear day.

We ate some lunch and then hung out in the hammocks...

There were TONS of iguanas running all over this park:

We had a couple of drinks (well, I had water)..

Then we went to the snack bar (we had free food and drinks all me, we took advantage of it.) There were all these conch shells everywhere, on all the tables, on the bars, laying around on the ground...Shawn kept asking me: "Do you want to make a phone call?" I didn't get it, so he demonstrated while we were waiting for our food. Oh, the things he'll teach our son!

After we hung out for awhile, Shawn decided to do the zip line - it was actually to three zip lines, one to the first station, then over the ocean to one in the water, then back to land. It looked like fun:

After that, we decided to head on back...we boarded our boat, got back to Cancun, and hitched a bus ride home. I was really tired and my ankles were extremely swollen, but we had so much fun!!

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