Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Cancun - Day 1 and Day 2

Our first day started out kind of crazy...we left the house early because you're supposed to check in a couple hours early for an international flight. As we were leaving, we used the little pad on the outside of the garage to close the garage door - and it didn't work! In a rush, we found a new battery and took off. Then when we got to a ticketing agent, she said our passports weren't valid - WHAT?? I guess we forgot to sign them, so we signed them and all was well.

We had first class seats on the way to Cancun, which was great. Definitely more comfortable for me, plus they kept giving us food, which I loved. (Of course!) Once we landed in Mexico, immigration was a snap compared to last time we were there, we flew through customs and got to the Royal Sands. We were supposed to be in an "ocean view" room, but when we checked in, they had moved us...to an ocean front room!

The first pic is the view from our balcony - gorgeous! The next is just our room, which was just 2 beds, a little fridge and a bathroom- nothing fancy. But we don't really need fancy for the two of us! The last picture is of my suitcase, where it seems all this plastic junk literally exploded on top of all my stuff. Bizarre, but easy to clean up.

Day 2 (Sunday)

We did what we came to do - relax! We hit up the beach and the pool pretty much all day!

Then we went to a great dinner w/ a live marachi band (fun!) and came home.
Stay tuned for days 3 and 4!

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