Friday, April 13, 2007

Latest belly pic + Babymoon!

It's been FOREVER since I posted a belly pic (not really, but it feels like it.) Here I am at 28w 5d:
(click it if you want to see me even BIGGER!!)

In other news, Shawn and I are leaving for Cancun tomorrow morning! I am so excited. Yesterday we got the news that because of Shawn's 'preferred status' with US Airways, they were bumping us up to 1st Class - NICE! I'm really looking forward to that because, well, who the heck wouldn't?? There will be tons of pictures to come of our trip, including one of G's first plane ride, his first dip in the Ocean, etc, etc. Plus, I'm a major nerd and keep a travel journal of everything we do on a daily basis. I love being able to look back and remember specific places and people we met on our trips. So I'll blog with a portion of that, too. (A lot of my journal seems to revolve around food...weird!)

I know I'll miss everyone, I'll miss church on Sunday but we'll be seeing you soon! (with our tans, of course!!)

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