Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend

Sunday we went down to Casa Grande to visit Grandma and Grandpa. This is the only photo I took - a very tired Sarah after swimming and playing (and being up since 530am and not having a nap...) Is she just SO cute or what?

Monday, the Phoenix Art Museum was open so we headed there for a visit. We bought a family membership at a ridiculous price through Groupon, and we've already gone 3 times! We love the big dinosaur outside..

The kids also love "Mr. Blob" who is downstairs in the modern art portion of the gallery. (this is them watching him - I was afraid to take a photo of the actual piece and get in trouble!)

The museum's children's area is open - last time we visited it wasn't. They have several fun activities for kids - drawing on easels, tracing, and magnets.

Sarah loved the magnets.

Another HUGE hit? An exhibit called "Fireflies." The museum recently purchased it and it is crazy. You walk into the room, it's pitch black with all these little lights. The walls are mirrors and the floors are black shiny tile. It's very disorienting and needless to say, the kids were freaked out by it at first. But then they were begging to go back over and over again. I did sneak a photo inside.

And even though it's not technically the weekend anymore, we visited the Children's Museum and the kids love the dragon named "Rainbow" who sits outside the door.

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