Saturday, May 14, 2011

The Latest

Sarah loves her big brother so much!

It's gotten hot enough for the splash pad!

Jeremiah loves the water!

Visiting Scooptacular, of course.

Jeremiah found Shawn's pilot headset. He loved it and pretends he's flying a space ship!

Jeremiah also had his awards night for Cubbies! I'm looking forward to next year.

Sarah is definitely an opinionated, smart, sweet, active 2 year old. She loves to help out and actually throws a massive fit if she can't 'help' do something. She loves to cuddle and when you lay her down for bed she'll say: "Forgot kiss!" so you have to give her a kiss, of course...her language is developing so quickly and she speaks pretty well for her age, in my opinion. Her favorite phrase right now is "I go??" - she asks whenever we're discussing a place - any place. We talk about our upcoming vacation to the beach and she says: "Mommy, Daddy, J, Sa-ah, go?" it's really cute.

Jeremiah is hilarious and sweet, yet so strong willed and assertive. He's already got the little back-talking attitude going on, and is so much more a four year old than a three year old. He loves to tell stories and jokes, even if they don't make any sense. He's sensitive and really, really dislikes getting into any sort of trouble. He is a major rule-follower, and, um...makes sure I know when other kids are breaking the rules.

These kids are awesome, we are so lucky they are ours!!


Pam said...

Yes you are blessed! They are so precious and growing up so fast. Time flies when you don't even notice. They are lucky to have you and Shawn as amazing parents. Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

Rachel, what splash pad were you at? Looks like a fun spot!