Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Dza Dza!

My dad (aka Dza Dza) came out to visit. It was great - normally he only comes from Thursday to Sunday, but this time he came from Tuesday to Saturday! We packed our schedule with lots of fun.

Nothing like forcing pics on the unwilling children.

Wednesday morning we headed to the zoo early, which was so much fun! No one was there, so the kids and Dza Dza enjoyed the splash pad.

We always have to ride the carousel. (For $1 each, why not??)

Just because I like this picture (my dad and I when I was little)

After the zoo, we headed to the Az Mills mall for lunch at the Rainforest cafe.

J was terrified of this talking tree at one time. Now he's "brave" and isn't afraid anymore.

J got a shoulder ride on the way out..

Thursday I had a MOPs meeting, so my dad stayed at home with the kids. They did great, he was exhausted of course. :)

After Sarah's naps, she and Dza Dza would take a little walk. She loved it.

Reading books...

Friday morning we drove out to the Mesa Swap Mart and had fun looking around.

This thing was called "Dave the Dinosaur" so we had to take a picture with it. (My dad's name is Dave.)

A quick trip to Costco after the swap mart. Sarah loves giving hugs right now.

More post-nap walks...

Dza Dza bought this fun Cars play rug for J. They kids love it.

Sarah's face in this photo is hilarious.

Saturday morning breakfast at the Farm.

Trying for some photos in the bright sun.

That's better!

Our final stop before we dropped Dza Dza off at the airport - the top of South Mountain!

The visit was so much fun. I think we spent enough money at our local ice cream shop, (my dad loves ice cream and we visited every night), to keep them in business for a long time.

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Kim F said...

love that you had such a great time with your Dad here. the pics of him with J and then with you on the carousel are precious.