Thursday, September 2, 2010


Last night was registration night for Awana at Laveen Baptist Church. They had a 'waterslide' - pretty much a tarp covered with water and baby shampoo - so we went to register J for Cubbies. Shawn grew up going to Awana but I hadn't heard of it until I was in my mid-twenties and going to church out here with Shawn. I'm excited for J - when I told him about it, he was a little nervous that he'd be dropped off and I wouldn't be staying, but when I explained it was like school, he asked what he'd be learning about. I told him "Jesus" and he excitedly replied: "I can't WAIT to learn about Jesus." It was precious.

It's a step in faith, leaving your three year old in the care of random people for two hours every Wednesday night. In addition to that, it also goes an hour past his normal bedtime, but hopefully he'll have a good nap those days so it won't bother him too much. Last night when we got home (around 730pm), I put him to bed and he was so wired it took him awhile to fall asleep.

All dressed up in his swim suit...

Waving at me from the slide.

He kind of ran on the slide, then onto the grass, then fell on his bottom. I had to explain if he wanted to 'slide' he had to stay on the tarp.

They gave out these goody bags, which are fun, if it hadn't been bedtime.

J knew there was candy in it, but I told him he had to wait until morning to have any...the first thing he asked for this morning? Candy. He's eating an apple and drinking milk first...

J is getting so big. Yesterday before we left for the registration he was talking and talking a mile a minute. It's amazing that a year and a half ago he was barely speaking and now he never stops. He cracks me up, he's adorable.


Jenny said...

We love Awana here!! Sapphire & Otis were in Awana last year and this year Reagan gets to join them as well :) Ours starts next Wednesday!!

OUR WILD ZOO! said...

My sister's family all attends awana and LOVE it! That's great J's doing so well. Awww Sarah, I can relate to the teething, screaming bloody murder, and not sleeping. Man oh man. Good thing she's so stinkin' adorable. I swear they must come like this for a reason?
Loved reading up on the updates, Jeremiah has changed SO much.
are you ready for some cooler weather? ughhhhh I'm getting super crabby about this heat crap.