Sunday, September 12, 2010


Today was just a fun family day. Church, lunch, naps, football, homemade pizza (that we all made - the girls made the dough, the boys did the toppings), visiting the local ice cream shop (Scooptacular), then a last minute pre-bed visit to the park. The park was great, both kids somehow managed to face-plant into the sand. I have no pictures, but I wanted to keep these memories somewhere...

Today is also a special day because it's one of J's best friends birthdays! Jayden, who J's known since he (Jayden) was born, turned three today. Yesterday we went to Chuck E Cheese for his party.

When J saw this picture, he said: "That's Jayden. He's my BEST FRIEND." Awww!!

Memories...Jayden (on the left), three weeks old, and Jeremiah at 3 months. My how they change!

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Shelly said...

AWWW SOO SWEET!! I Know Jayden thinks that J is his best friend! They have grown up so fast! :(