Monday, October 4, 2010

Kid Update

Sarah's officially 18 months! She likes doing her own thing - picked out this outfit herself.


At her visit she was 28lbs and they measured her at 35 inches tall, which when I measured her at home, she was more like 34. So she's tall (off the charts still) but not as tall as they think. She easily fits into 3T clothing! (J, on the other hand, is comfortable in his 18mo shorts!)

She is talking like crazy! It's amazing. She recently learned "no" and uses it A LOT with her big brother. And it sounds like this: "NoooooooOOOOOOOOOOOOOoooooooo!" Pretty funny. She also says: wow, uh-oh, bubble, puppy, apple, mama, dada, grandma, up, go, 'da', ice, and more that I can't remember. I'm pretty sure she's talking more than J did at this age, but I can't remember that, either! She funny, she loves the water, loves her daddy, her blanket, her thumb, eating food (except for french toast, weird!), climbing, jumping, running races, and SHOES. We took her shoe shopping (she's in a size 7) and she cried every time I'd take a pair of shoes off her. I hope she stays that way, I would love to have a little shopping partner!

My little fish.

Jeremiah - what can I say about him? He's definitely asserting his independence more - the other day he was upset about being told to take a nap and told me to 'go away' and that he wanted me to leave him alone. This was the first time he'd said something like that when he was upset - normally he wants hugs and cuddles - but not this time!

He tells great stories, starting with "once upon a time" or randomly he'll say "Ladies and Gentleman!" Shawn and I crack up a lot, but he really dislikes it when we laugh at what he's doing. He also likes to sing, but you can't look at him, laugh or smile at him while he's doing it. The other day he told me that when he grew up, he wanted to be a moon, then a fireman. I love his imagination.


He really likes Cubbies and he picks up on the memorization verses really quickly! It's amazing. He also loves his preschool class at church and at Mops. I'm so proud of him - last year he cried all the time, and now it seems he's outgrown it and is embracing being away from me and making friends.

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