Sunday, June 13, 2010

This is what I call 'roughing it'

Handwashing dishes...

Kids sharing a room...

Having a 3 yr old photographer:

And said photographer waking up a million times during the night and ending up in our bed. (That's never happened in his whole life!) He's sleeping on my pillow. Stinker. (Sarah, bless her, slept through all his crying! Unbelievable.)

We had the opportunity to spend the weekend in Flagstaff and it was great to get away from Phoenix, the heat, the desert, etc, and just spend some time away. The shiny trash can? Huge hit.

These stairs were as scary as they look! For those of you who really know me, you know that I'm afraid of heights (to the point I HATE getting on the playground equipment with the kids). Well, I think going down these stairs multiple times over the weekend may have helped me to start getting over that fear. I actually went down them BACKWARDS HOLDING SARAH. Amazing.

The guys playing in the backyard.

The 'camera game' - there was a spinny thing in the middle of the table. Set camera auto timer, spin and bang! Fun new game.

Hot chocolate (like the new 'see how cute I am' pose?)

We found a really fun park.

Monkey boy!

Head tilt alert!

This is how I spend a lot of post-nap time. Sarah needs cuddles and J joins in.

Sunrise - 530am. I had a whole 30 minutes alone the first morning! I love it.


One minute, these guys are practicing punches. The next? Kisses. Cute.

Family photo!

This cracks me up. I wanted a picture of them both in their footie jammies since they won't be wearing them again until November or so. And J just lays down on the floor. He's so silly.


Andrea said...

you lost weight! you look great and it looks like you had so much fun! tell J he will have to be my assistant when he is older lol

OUR WILD ZOO! said...

adorable photos!! How fun. Next time TAKE. ME. WITH. YOU!!


This summer heat drives me mad some days :) I had to get online and see some new photos/updates. Looks like you're having a great summer. Those flag photos are so awesome.

Take Care!