Friday, June 25, 2010


Today I had a sad/happy/weird/unexpected moment with the kids. They were both sitting on my lap and we were goofing around and they were laughing and suddenly I realized that some day they would be totally, completely separate from me. They wouldn't be in my house, I wouldn't see them every day, I might not even talk to them every day. And wow, did that hurt. See, I complain...a lot...about how much my two children want to be around me. Sarah can barely breathe sometimes without me right next to her, and J, well, he's been really clingy lately too. It's so easy to forget that some day they won't be like this and as much as I want them to stop being so into me, I also don't. I just want to remember this moment, so much, that they will grow up and Shawn and I will suddenly look at each other and say: "Remember when they were so little and we couldn't wait for them to grow up?"

(Sarah was unavailable for this photo op, she had better things to do like chew on shoes)

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shanna said...

Rachel I know exactly waht you mean. I however think about that all the time and how sad it makes me. That's why I stay home to sock up ever moment cuz one day I won't be able to. I need to take way more pix and vidoe of them. And can't wait to have more kids some day.