Sunday, June 20, 2010

Five years!

Shawn and I recently celebrated our fifth wedding anniversary. It's amazing how quickly five years has gone by. We kept it pretty low key on our actual anniversary. The bakery that made our wedding cake will make a top tier for 'big' anniversaries, so we picked that up and shared it with the kids.

Here it is!

And a pic from the wedding. I was a little sad they didn't do the big bow, but it's just fondant and we would have thrown it away anyways.

This photographer is SO FIRED. Shawn and I cutting our cake.

The kids loved it. It was so fun to share with them, considering when we got married, we weren't planning on having children. What an amazing blessing they are and I'm so glad our minds and hearts were changed.


Mikele said...

Happy 5th! What a great looking cake. If you have any leftovers....

OUR WILD ZOO! said...

happy anniversary-your wedding looked gorgeous! I wanted to see more of it!
Just wanted to say I've MISSED your blog and seeing those adorable family photos this summer. Looks like you had a fun, full season. Happy birthday to Jay- he and Sarah have grown and changed in just a couple months.
I hope you're out of your funk you posted about-cuz I think you gave it to ME? Dang I am so tired and my head feels like it's spinnin'? Hard to get back into the routine of things, I guess.

Just wanted to say HELLO- and it's great to cya again :)