Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Swim Lessons

This is the first summer J's done 'real' swim lessons - with an instructor and no mommy or daddy in the water with him. It went...uh...

(I like the other kids in the background, clearly unaware, unlike J, that they are about to be tortured in some horrible way!!)

Can't see it too well? Here's a little closer:

You could say it went well. You'd think these pictures were from his first lesson. Nope! His last. Miss Erin (with Aqua Babes) definitely earned every penny of the class fee with Mr. J. The strange thing is that he was listening and learning - every day he'd want to 'practice' in the bathtub and didn't cry. He also almost always did what Miss Erin said with the exception of one day - he just cried the whole time and swallowed lots of water. (Yum!)

Miss Erin was very patient with him but also didn't allow him to get away with not doing what he needed to do.

(J having a time out for refusing to complete a task)

Here are a couple of videos. You can see J doing what he's learned but also see him freaking out the whole time. FUN! (When I asked him what was wrong his answer was that he wanted me. Shawn and I tried explaining that I cannot teach him how to swim, but that didn't get through to him I think)

You can also see how patient and just good Erin is at her job.

He's going to go back into level 1 again this summer and hopefully the second time he does better without screaming.


Candi said...

Omygoodness, do you cry in these lessons? I would! She is really patient!

Erin said...

Thank you for sharing your blog with me. J did really well even though it was hard for him, I know he learned alot and the next time will be even better. It has been really nice to meet your family. :)

Amber said...

She seems like an awesome swim instructor! Ethan is starting swim lessons for the first time next month. I'm so nervous for him, since I was scared to death of the water when I was little...I'm still not a big fan of it. I hope I'll be able to stay strong during his lessons. lol
It seems like J did really well, considering it was his first time without mommy or daddy.