Friday, September 4, 2009


Today (the Friday of Labor Day Weekend), we decided to be spontaneous and drive up to Flagstaff. We're sick of the heat and thought it would be fun, plus Sarah's getting better about being in the car. We headed to...

J was fascinated with the gnome guy.

You stuck your hand in his mouth - if you told the truth you could get it out. Both our hands are still attached to our bodies. :-)

A tree maze. J liked it fine the first time with Shawn but when I tried to go through with him he ran out. Hmmm...

Sarah just observed from the stroller.

The storm lurking in the background would eventually catch up to us.

The mountain is hidden by the rainstorm!

J being his usual cute self.

"feeding" a fake raven

We watched a bit of the raptor show at the arboritum, til J threw a fit and the rain started. But...this bird was named Bailey....(it's a hawk of some sort, he flew over the audience!)

And this bird (a raven with 1 foot) was named Lily! We thought it was funny.

On the way home we saw storm clouds ahead...

...and we ended driving THROUGH a thunderstorm. It felt like we were in the cloud - we were driving through the mountains and could see where the lightning hit the ground, and hear the thunder not even a second after the lightning strike. The rain was pouring down, the road looked like a river - rocks from the sides of the mountain were falling down! People were pulling over but not us! We made it through just fine but it was quite incredible.

And, to end the trip on a high note, J chewed on his disgustingly dirty toes. EWWW!


Jenny said...

Great pics Rach, you all look wonderful!!

Shannon said...

Love that pic of Sarah - such a cutie!