Wednesday, September 16, 2009

They crack me up

Even when I feel like hitting my head on the steering wheel of the van, (which has happened a couple times in the last few days, J has impetigo so we're staying away from friends and we also took away his binky in the car so there's lots of yelling from him and Sarah screams....), suddenly there will be quiet and they're both laughing at each other. Makes it feel somewhat worth it. Although...couldn't we just skip all the screaming and stick with the laughing?

After a nap, I was able to snap a few pictures. He's been so anti-camera lately. I was getting the super serious face from him and couldn't stop laughing.

He looks so grown up in this he's thinking: "Really Mom....More pictures??"

Finally my laughing broke him, and he started laughing too!

And little miss Sweet Pea is sitting up. She loves the camera, always has a smile ready when I point it at her.

Sweet kids. I love them so much.


mini and brother said...

How on earth can your little Sarah be sitting up, wasn't she born last week?!

You have the cutest kiddos. I think it's time to start thinking about #3!

Rachel said...

HAHA Katie. :)

Kim F said...

that 1st pic of J is another one that reminds me of lily. =)

Jenny said...

The last pic...J better get a move on it Sarah is catching up. I agree it's time to start working on #3 :)

Jasmyn said...

She is sooo Big! Wow, how time flies (when your NOT pregnant!)

OUR WILD ZOO! said...

CuUte pictures! Your Flagstaff pics were awesome, I soOo wish we could head north and get out of this heat. yuck. It's almost over, right? Sarah has grown so much and looks so big sitting up and now sporting those two teeth, wow! Her dimples are the cutest ever. You are a blessed mommy, for sure! Happy to see the updates and I can sympathize with the car ride thing...we've had some screaming coming from the backseat as well =)