Monday, August 31, 2009


Sarah already has her 2 bottom teeth in. I didn't even notice her first one coming in and within a week the other tooth had popped through and now they're both visible! I swear J's took a month to get to a point where you could see them when he smiled.
She just turned 5 months and I realized the other day that she's quickly approaching an age that I love - 6 months and up. Usually by 6 months, babies are sitting up and playing with toys on their own. I'm looking forward to that. I wouldn't say Sarah's lazy...she's just laid-back. She'd rather put her hands in her mouth than reach for stuff (she does reach for things, her hands just end up in her mouth instead), and she's working on sitting up. She's only rolled onto her tummy a couple times...she just doesn't seem interested. But she is growing - I've moved her into 6-9 month clothing!


Andrea said...

Oh my gosh she has got to have the cutest smile! she needs her picture taken by me!!! bring her over!!!

Jenny said...

Rach, she's absolutly beautiful!!

mini and brother said...

She is a doll!! Love those teeth!

Kim F said...

can't believe the teeth! love love love her!

OUR WILD ZOO! said...

Sarah is so stinkin' cute I can hardly stand it. You even caught the adorable little drool from her teething mouth- SO cute!!!!

I'm glad you had a wonderful trip to WA with family. I bet the cool(er) air felt great. I am going stir crazy here in AZ- ugh. Trying not to complain about the next two months of heat. We're almost there, right?!!

Great to see updates and that your beautiful fam is doing so well. Take Care!!