Saturday, August 22, 2009

The state, not the capital.

Last week we all headed up north to Washington (the state) for a much needed vacation away from the heat! It was a great trip!

The highlights: Sarah screaming almost the entire plane ride to Seattle, the Children's Museum of Seattle, Anita's Prime Card, Mac & Jacks, Shawn and I going out almost every night ALONE after the kids were in bed (thanks Anita!), getting to hang out with Jennifer and Caleb, Sarah's FIRST TOOTH popping through (sob!), Victor's Coffee, the incredible weather (even the two hot days that we had with no a/c), the 50 parks within walking distance, eating carrots, tomatoes and strawberries from the garden in the backyard, taking a ferryboat ride, meeting Great-Grandpa Ralph for the first time....and so many others that I couldn't possibly begin to list them all!

Sarah's first plane ride (before the screaming!)

Somehow we all fit into Anita's Acura TL. Amazing!

Drum Drum!

Anita, Ken & J
Anita, Sarah and Caleb

J is quite the little daredevil - he climbed up and down this without assistance!

Me and the Pea

Bubbie's turn with the Pea!

Mmmm! Homegrown carrot!

Shawn & Pea

The trip was fantastic. Amazing. Beautiful. Relaxing. We had so much fun! (for those of you interested I posted a ton more pics on Facebook)


Kim F said...

So glad you had a great trip - except for the plan ride.

Rangels said...

I'm glad you got to go and how nice it was to have a date night after date ight. Really I so glad you guys had a nice time.

Rangels said...

The Victor"s coffee house and it's "house Rules" So funny! I love the one about the unattended kids....