Thursday, November 13, 2008

When I don't let J play with the camera...

he tends to get a *little* upset!

We've been making hot lattes here in the mornings since it's soooo cold (50 degrees). J is fascinated, disgusted, intrigued and a little scared of the foam. I gave him a bowl with some in it and this is about all he did.

Finally, today @ Fry's I spent $11 on all this stuff. Great deals included the Reach toothbrushes - they were two to a package and $1 each. I had a coupon for buy one, get one I got 8 toothbrushes for $2. Pretty sweet!

Finally, just a pic (old, obviously, his hair is still long.) I just think it's so funny and I'm pretty sure he's saying 'cheese!' in it. Cute.


Jasmyn said...

Don't you just love Fry's! I did the deal twice last week,and once this week and got 30 items for $14 with all my coupons. I got chocolate chips for 50 cents, lots of free rice, 50 cent ice cream, and sooo much other stuff!

Shannon said...

Funny, he's got the same shirt on in the 2nd and last pics. That last one is really cute though!