Sunday, November 9, 2008

Time for Carrie!

Shawn and I had a date night Friday night. Kim watched J and actually put him to bed (he did great, good to know for when Baby B decides to make her appearance!) Our date was to the Carrie Underwood concert - he got tickets for his birthday back in July. It was so much fun!

I know country music isn't for everyone but it's really not that bad. One thing I realized at the concert is that the singer isn't just some pretty girl with a so-so voice - she actually can sing! Most pop music is not that way - a singer sounds one way on the radio and completely (awful) different in person. Now, we did listen to a song by the opening band ("Little Big Town") called "Good Lord willing and the creek gonna rise," so....(I laughed so hard at that title)

No pics of Shawn and I (no surprise) but a couple of pics of Carrie and some videos.
Ok, check out these boots!! They were the tiniest stilleto I have ever seen. It's hard to see in the pic, though. Also, she is even skinnier than you see on TV, as if that's possible. Girlfriend is tiny!!

Here is a clip of "Jesus take the wheel" - you can see the crazy lights come down, those things moved during the entire concert, it was a little weird.

There was a runway with a little stage at the end of it - people kind of went crazy when she walked out there.

This ain't your grandpappy's country...

For you, Michelle!

We got back home around 11pm (very late night for us!), crawled in bed, and had to be up early for photos with Joe Brackman. Afterwards, J and I relaxed on the couch.

For lunch, J had a cheeseburger...with ketchup for the first time. He was more interested in just eating the ketchup. That does count as a vegetable, right?!?

Before nap Shawn gave J a tiny piece of Sour Patch Kids candy. Surprise, he loved it! He's signing for 'more.'


Shelly said...

Ok new I am Jealous!! Looks like you all a great time!! Love the one that you filed for me! That is a GREAT song!!LOL

Astraea said...

Ketchup is a vegetable! For sure...or that's what I will keep telling myself.

Shannon said...

Reminds me of the movie Big Daddy - I'll have 30 packets of Ketchup!! And you certainly can't blame him for wanting more Sour Patch Kids (one of my favorites).

Mrs. Spice said...

Well, I am excited that you guys got a date...even if it is country music. I would have loved to people watch though...nothin' like watchin' a bunch of white folk in Wranglers and boots for entertainment. Ya'll. Call me when Janet Jackson or Kanye West comes to THAT'S a concert!

Andrea said...

I love Carrie Underwood, I played that song "Jesus take the wheel" so many times!!! Glad you and your hubby had fun!